The web browser for those other times

Goldy is a web browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that offers one simple feature: Privacy. Most browsers keep a lot of information between uses, like your browsing history, login cookies, and nowadays local web storage. It's possible to clear your Safari browsing history, but not without jumping through some hoops.

Goldy is different. While you're surfing, everything works as usual. You can surf the web as usual, and use the back button to go to pages you've visited earlier, just like you expect. But as soon as you exit Goldy by pressing the home button, suddenly Goldy does something that no other web browser does, it "forgets" everything you did on the web. Goldy doesn't just forget your browsing history, it also deletes all cookies and local web storage that you've gathered during your session, so the next time you start Goldy, you're back to a blank slate. What happens in Goldy doesn't even stay in Goldy, it's gone entirely!

Sometimes, you want a web browser that remembers where you've been. For the rest of the time, there's Goldy.

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